5 Secret iPhone Hacks and Tricks most People don’t Know About

Looking for some cool iPhone Hacks and Tricks? Then you are at the right place. If you think you know your iPhone in and out, well, this article might as well come as a surprise for you while we list down the 5 secret iPhone hacks you sure don’t know about.

Not everyone has well analysed and experimented their iPhones. While some know a couple of tricks, not everyone knows all. We won’t talk about all the cliché hacks that everyone know, but some really cool ones. Let us begin with the best iPhone tricks and hacks!

 Cool iPhone Hacks and Tricks

  1. Shake off the mistake!

Remember how etch a sketch used to work? Just one wipe and all gone! You can turn your iPhone into one. All you have to do is the next time you make any mistake, just shake your phone and it would all be clear.

A picture or plain text, it works with both! Try it out!

  1. Change display colour with the time

You know all the times you have got to surf your phone at night but the bright light on your phone (even when on the lowest brightness) ends up glowing the entire room. Yes, those nights.

Apple has you covered. Apple allows you to invert colours of the background as per the time of the day. You can have a black one at night and white one during the days!

  1. Tell Siri about your family

You know how Siri works right? Just voice instructions and it has got you covered. Siri allows you to simply name your relations and allow you to work with them.

Your iPhone would do the work for you with just an instruction like may be call your “husband”? OR may be “mom” or “son”?

Siri can do it with one easy hack. Simply ask Siri to call whoever you wish to call, and for the first time it will ask you and you can assign the number.

But, the real deal happens in the second one. Now when you ask Siri to call the same person, you have it sorted!

  1. Airplane mode on charging

Did you know your phone would charge faster when on airplane mode? If you didn’t, now you do.

So the next time you’ve got to charge your phone and getting late, simply turn it on Airplane mode.

  1. Access numbers quicker

It’s really irritating to use the numerical keypad while you want to put it into emails and other text? Well, there’s an easy way out. Simply hold the “123” button and then slide through the numbers you want to use. Having done that, you will be able to switch to the original keypad without manually having to change it back.

And that’s about it! These are some cool iPhone hacks without jailbreaking. 5 of the advanced iPhone hacks and tricks you might not have known until now. But the thing is, now you do! Don’t forget to share this article and let your friends also know about these cool tricks. Do you know any other secret iPhone hacks? Please feel free to share.

5 Secret iPhone Hacks and Tricks most People don’t Know About
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