How to Transfer Files from Android to PC

Are you an Android user and need to transfer some of your important files to your system? Now the question is how to Transfer Files from Android to PC. There are around 1.4 billion Android users around the world, and they are using an Android-based Smartphone in their daily life. They keep their personal data like pictures, videos, documents in the phone storage.

Sometimes people think that transferring file from Android to PC is a big task. But through this post, I will tell you about some ways that will help you to transfer a file from your phone to PC and vice versa.  I am writing this post because we have to keep a backup of our data always.

You can transfer files from PC to android using Bluetooth, through USB cable, or using cloud syncing and many other. You can also use some Android apps like PushBullet, Airdroid, and Solid Explorer. These types of the app make your work easy.

How to transfer Files from Android phone to PC

Let’s start with different ways that you can use for transferring files from your Android phone to PC.

  1. Email and Cloud Sharing

Start with basic ways that many people are using these days for their work. You can take advantage of various types of application that are synonymous with computing these days – cloud storage and email. Cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive are easy to use for transferring files from one device to another.

It also has some other features like automatic camera upload, with this as long as you have Dropbox on your computer, photos from your device will be automatically synced to your Dropbox account, that will show on your PC. You can also find familiar features on other cloud services where you can copy paste your personal data to the cloud folder into your Android device and see them sync to the corresponding directory in Windows.

The email was the probably first choice to transfer non-disk data to one device from another device, and it is a useful option that in some cases. With this, you can just attach the data that you want on your PC and email to yourself. Then open that email on your computer and download it.

  1. How to view Android files on PC via Bluetooth

To use Bluetooth to transfer data, you must have Bluetooth USB dongle. Sending data via Bluetooth is another option that you can use. For that, first you have to enable Bluetooth on both the devices and then pair with your computer whether you want to send your file. When your connection gets established, choose your file browser on your Android phone and select the file that you want to share.

Go to the Android share button to use Bluetooth to share the data and select your PC in the following list. Then find the Bluetooth icon in the window system tray, right click and select receive a file, and click next to commence transfer. Once your files are moved, you will get a notification that the transfer of data is completed successfully. Then the data appears on your computer. Similarly you can transfer files from pc to android phone using Bluetooth. You can use this method, but it seems that it take some stability issues with the Android devices, it is better that you are not completely relying on it.

  1. How to transfer files from android phone to PC using SD Card 

If your PC or laptop has SD card slot then you can transfer file from phone to PC without any difficulty. Just remove your chip/SD card from your phone then insert into the SD card reader and connect to your PC or Laptop. Now you can easily copy and paste your files from phone to PC by exploring SD Card Drive.

  1. Android App to transfer files from phone to PC

As I said above, lots of Android apps are available online to transfer your file to Android device to PC. Here I will mention three most popular apps to transfer files from android to PC.

Airdroid: The first App I recommend you is Airdroid. With this app you can transfer files from android to pc without cable and connects your phone over the internet. First of all, install APK on your mobile device and signup with your Google+, Twitter, and Facebook profile. Now open this link on your desktop browser and login with the same credential.

PushBullet: – The second easiest way is by using PUSHBULLET App, which has a free as well as paid version that can help you to move files across PC(s) and device(s) quickly. Many people use this for transferring files/photos/links between phone, laptop and PC(s) and all without any cables over the web.  It operates over Wi-Fi. You can open the app on your phone, scan a QR code from on your desktop browser. It will then show an explorer to browse and copy files from PC to phone or vice versa.

SuperBeam: –if you have steady Wi-Fi network then SuperBeam is the best app for you. However, you would require the pro version for PC-Android file transfer. You will need Java to run SuperBeam app on your PC. Your case assignments are QR code away.

Final Words

These are some of the handy ways with which you can Import or Export data from Android to PC in an easy way. Anything is possible with Android Platform. Give one of these methods a try. If there are other ways that you use to transfer files from your Android Phone to PC or have any question or observations, then please feel free to comment below. Also don’t forget to share this article with your friends who might be looking for ways to transfer files from one device to another.

How to Transfer Files from Android to PC
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