5 Harmless iPhone Pranks you can Play on your Friends

Looking for some harmless iPhone pranks to play on your friends? Sometimes it is super fun to play around with your friends and prank them into various harmless hoaxes. Until and unless the prank is made with the aim of just having some simple fun and bugging your friends in all good hopes, there are no issues.

Some pranks work out, and some backfire; not to forget all those which ended up causing losses of friends. But, if you have a friend with iPhone (and if you have one too) here are some tried and tested iPhone pranks for friends to have some inoffensive fun.

Harmless iPhone Pranks to Play on your Friends

Harmless iPhone Pranks to Play on your Friends

  1. The endless typing GIF

Two minutes and the other person has been typing makes us go all impatient and frustrated. Imagine if you could just do that for like forever and for as long as you’d want? Your friend would just see the three dots for forever.

Here’s how to do iPhone message prank GIF:

The never ending typing GIF will get on their nerves!

  1. How about shuffling their contact list?

This is one of the most incredible iphone pranks ever. Change your name to someone else’s number and theirs to yours. (Until and unless they don’t remember yours of course) Well, the next time they’d call you, or their friend, they’d end up calling some random person.

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  1. Frozen Home Screen on iPhone

a) For frozen home screen prank, what you would have to do is simply take a screenshot of your friend’s home screen (press the Power + Home buttons at the same time)
b) Long press the Home button until you see the wiggles on the home screen.
c) Then, simply shift all the apps on their home screen to the screen on the right side. Long press the Home button again when done to stop the wiggling.
d) From here, go to Settings> Wallpapers & Brightness> Choose A New Wallpaper and set their Home Screen wallpaper as the screenshot you just took.

Tada! Trolling all the way!

  1. iPhone Stuck on an app

a) On your friend’s phone, go to the Settings followed by General followed by Accessibility
b) Turn on the Guided Access.
c) Open any random app (like Weather)
d) Press the Home button thrice.
e) Enter any pass code you would like.

And there! Trapped!

  1. iPhone Autocorrect Pranks

Change the auto-correct of something to something else and see the fun. All you’ll have to do is, use the built in shortcuts and alter the word with some other autocorrect word. With this, they will end up sending a completely hilarious version of whatever they wanted to convey. This is one of the best iPhone pranks ever.

Do whatever you feel like, change it to as funny as your mind allows you to. Just don’t play the iPhone pranks to piss off your friends! You sure had some fun, didn’t you? Try these pranks on your friends’iPhone and see how it turns out to be!

5 Harmless iPhone Pranks you can Play on your Friends
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