Top 5 WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks You May Not Know

Best WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks: We all know very well that WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps which supports all mobile platforms like Android, Windows, Blackberry iOS as well as Java. In addition, this is the first app which is accessible for the non-cell phone platform i.e. Nokia Asha Platform. WhatsApp has a huge dynamic user base which even beats the Facebook record for most influential clients.

In the course of recent years, WhatsApp has grown exponentially. You might be already knowing about some WhatsApp tricks like hiding your last seen tag by unticking the ‘Read Receipts” enclose Privacy which is inside Account area in Settings, save an image of your friend by opening the particular image and click on the share button in the top right corner and clicking on ‘Save to Gallery’ option.

However, there are numerous other WhatsApp tricks and hacks which are not clearly understood. These WhatsApp hacks give extra utility over the customary WhatsApp messenger. Here I am going to mention some of the best collection of latest WhatsApp tips & hacks you might not be aware of.

Best WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks

  1. Send messages in different format

A Latest update in WhatsApp is, by using this you will be able to send a message in different format like Bold, Italic, and strikethrough.

  • For writing something in Bold, just type your word like this *Your word*
  • And for Italic, use underscore both side of the word _Your word_
  • For Strikethrough something, use tilde both side of the word ~Your word~
  1. Mark an important Message for future need

You can mark STAR on any particular message which is important for you. It finds that stamped one, in the midst of those long conversations without again and again tapping on “Load Earlier Messages,” by tapping on the three vertical spots and setting off to the featured notes.

  1. Check approaching messages without opening WhatsApp

In Settings –> Notifications –> Popup Notification, you can pick ‘Always show Popup’ to correctly answer to the approaching messages without opening WhatsApp.

  1. Search any word from the discussion

You can look for any word, spoken with anybody whether it might be some contact name or some discussion word, from the Search Icon (amplifying glass) found two left of the three vertical spots in the upper right corner.

  1. Decrease the Data Usage

If you are using WhatsApp call function mostly on a low-speed system (2g) or running low on information pack, then you can decrease the measure of data used during WhatsApp call by marking on the ‘Low Data Usage’ in Chats and Calls section in Settings.

Also. if you want to check whether anyone read my message on the group, then select a particular message and tapping on the “I” catch close to the Bin catch on the upper right half of the screen.

Hope you will find this list of WhatsApp tips and tricks for Android and iPhone useful. If you did, don’t forget to share this article with your WhatsApp friends. Do you know any other tricks? Please feel free to share in the comments below.

Top 5 WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks You May Not Know
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