Top 5 Ringtone Apps for iPhone to make your own Tunes

Bored of the good old Apple ringtones? Then you must checkout some of the ringtone maker app for iPhone to experiment with your preferred music. But what’s the best ringtone app for iPhone?

We all wish to have nice ringtones in our smartphones, don’t we? The kind which have good music, the kind that we like and not the same old Apple like ringtones. To make all the personalization and edits on a song or any audio, you will need to have a ringtone app. Here is a list of the best iPhone ringtone apps.

Best Ringtone Apps for iPhone

  1. Ringtone Designer Pro

The Ringtone Designer pro tops the list for a reason, that is for the quality features and of course the user interface it has. The app has all the basic features that any ringtone app would require. However, in addition to all that, it is extremely easy and user friendly. Also, you can create n number of ringtones with this app upto a length of 40 seconds. It is truly the best ringtone maker for iPhone.

Download from iTunes Store.

  1. Create ringtones

The app has a lot of custom features along with nifty ones. With the use of your iPhone’s microphone you can as well create a tune all together and all for just 0.99 USD. In addition to that, another cool feature about the app is the fact that it has both sharing as well as ‘manage ringtone’ options.

Download from iTunes Store.

  1. Ringtone Maker pro

This is the best free ringtone app for iPhone and has to offer a list of audio files to customize. Unlike many other applications, with the Ringtone maker pro, you will be able to create ringtones which are 40 seconds long without having to pay for it. It allows you to work with various options such as the current selection of songs, provide suggestions about the start time and offers great audio quality.

Download from iTunes Store.

  1. Ringtone converter

Any song in your music library can now be the next ringtone with this free and easy to use app. The app doesn’t has a very pretty or exclusive user interface, but the added feature of sharing your creation via mail might allure you into using this.

Download from iTunes Store.

  1. Ringer – Ringtone maker

Ringer is a premium ringtone app which will let you create personalised ringtones from the music in your library. You can preview the waveform in order to be able to make cuts and pauses at the right time. The volume feature is useful for the user in terms of enabling low resonating parts of the songs to be used as ringtones. The only problem is the app is usable only on the unprotected songs as they are otherwise protected by copyrights.

Download from iTunes Store.

And that was all about the best ringtone apps for iPhone! You no longer have to use the same old ringtone for your iDevice. With these apps, you will have one of your own choice and not to forget all the personalization it allows you to do!


Top 5 Ringtone Apps for iPhone to make your own Tunes
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