Top 5 Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

Do you like to click images from your iPhone? Then you might want to know which one is the best photo editing apps for iPhone. Pictures these days are one of the prime usage of Smartphones, isn’t it? There is nothing different in the case of iPhone as many people often end up buying the same for just the sole purpose of pictures.

No matter how amazing the picture is, adding up some filters or text or relevant editing is often the need of the hour. To make it all simple and easy for your future purpose, here I have listed down the 5 best iPhone photo editing apps for selfies and other images.

Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

  1. Snapseed

This one is the favourite photo editing app for all the photographers. Though the app is a very simple and easy to use one, it has filters and tools that will definitely have you go all gaga over your own pictures. The app has all the basic photo editing features ranging from colour adjustment to cropping along with adiditonal advance editing tools.

You can Download it from Here.

  1. Manual

The camera of iOS 8 allows you to be able to manually adjust brightness and exposure, and the Manual app is like the cherry on the cake which allows you to have a better control over more intricate settings. Manual is a photo editing app but the kind which will allow you to work with the image when you take it and not after its taken.

You can Download it from Here.

  1. VSCO Cam

This camera app lets you get the classic film looks for your images. This app allows you to work with features such as colour shifting and saturation. In addition to that, the camera apps also has options such as tweaking the exposure or adding a film grain to images. This is one of the simplest yet creative photo editing app for iPhone.

You can Download it from Here.

  1. Pixelmator

Pixelmator is one amazing iPhone photo editing app which allows you to edit and work with layers. You can blur, crop, clone, etc. This could be called a mini Photoshop in a way, given the kind of features it has. This is a Photoshop for your iPhone in short. It allows you to work with images similar to how you would on PC/laptop. If you are looking for a kind of photo editor which enhances your pictures and modifies them intricately, then here’s your thing.

You can Download it from Here.

  1. Repix

Repix is like drawing filters over your image. It doesn’t just add filter on the entire image, but lets you choose the places you’d want to have them. A range of features to choose from in varying amounts. Add some artistries to your pictures!

You can Download it from Here.

And that was all about it! You now have the list of the best photo editing apps! What are you waiting for? That picture you’ve wanted to brighten up since a long time? Go do it right away!

Top 5 Photo Editing Apps for iPhone
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