5 Paypal Security Tips to Safeguard it from Hackers

Best Paypal Security Tips: As you are reading this article, it means you are already using a Paypal account for your online transactions. Now, the next question would be how to keep your Paypal account safe from Hackers? Read on to find out.

Paypal is the best payment system for anyone who needs to perform online transactions with people from across the globe. And there is a high chance that your account may get hacked by phishers over the internet. So here are 5 Paypal Security tips that will help you to keep your account safe.

Best Paypal Security Tips to Keep it Safe from Hackers

  1. Enable Two Step Verification

Enabling the two step verification process of your Paypal account is the first thing you must consider doing. When you login into your account, the Paypal Security Key will give you a second authentication option. Each time you access your account, you will need to enter an OTP (One Time Pin) along with your password. You can set up this two step authentication from the Security option of your Paypal Settings.

  1. Create a Stronger Paypal Password

Having a stronger password is always a good idea to keep your online account safe. You should not put your name, place, date of birth etc. which are easy to guess. It is recommended that you include both upper case and lower case letter along with numbers and special characters to make your password stronger. Also make sure to change it timely.

  1. How to keep your Paypal account safe from Phishing

Phishing is the most popular phishing technique used by hackers. They send authentic looking emails to trap people. The emails will mostly look like paypal@xyz.com or xyz@paypal.us etc. Anything other than paypal.com is fake. Do not click on any link that is inside those mails.

  1. Use Anti Keylogger Software

Keylogging is another widely used way of hacking. Once you click to open any attachment of that mail, a Keyloggers software gets installed to your system. And then hackers can access your account details without your permission. So to keep your account safe from hackers, consider using an anti keylogging software. This prevents the Keylogger from accessing the I/O data that comes from your keyboard. You can also opt for a virtual keyboard to login into your Paypal account.

  1. Enhance the Security of your Computer

Keep your computer protected with a good antivirus to block different malware attacks. Also have the most recent update on your operating system and web browsers. Using your common sense is the key to identify infected mails and other such attacks.

Some other security measures to be taken:

  • Always check PayPal URL when you type Username and password.
  • Use a different password other than your personal emails.
  • Never share your Paypal password with anyone else over the web.
  • Add some security question on your Paypal account.
  • Never save your Paypal password on any Browser.
  • Always logout after you complete your PayPal Work.
  • Watch your balance carefully everytime.

Please feel free to share if you are using any other Paypal security tips to keep your account safe. Also don’t forget to share this article with your friends over the web who are using a Paypal account for their online transactions.

5 Paypal Security Tips to Safeguard it from Hackers
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