5 Brilliant Kids Friendly iPhone Games Parents can Trust

If you have little kids at home, then you might find this list of best kid friendly iPhone games helpful to keep them busy. Kids these days don’t play outdoor as much as they do on the smartphones. There is no harm though, but segregating the ideal games for kids might be a tough task. Here, we have listed the top 5 best kid games for your kid to play on iPhone!

Best kid Games for iPhone

  1. My colouring book

As the name suggests, this is probably one of the best iPhone Kid games across varied age groups. All you need to do is swipe through the pages (images) and choose the one which suits your kid’s interest. There aren’t menus or settings and it’s only play, if by chance kids end up exiting the page, the changes are saved. Let those tiny fingers do some work!

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  1. Clumsy Ninja

This might be a fun game to play indeed. The game is about assisting the ninja sneak around here and there. There will be various tasks that the kids will have to help the ninja learn which in turn will only help him prepare for the final showdown where he would have to fight people against him. It is pretty much a well to do and sorted game, where the ninja will also has to put to sleep to train later.

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  1. Cut the rope

Candies, an alien and ropes, that is what sums up this game. The alien just wants to eat candies, and the candies are all tangled up in ropes. These ropes have to be cut by the kid in the minimum number of moves possible. This children’s games for iPhone is aimed at older kids as at the end it does require some critical thinking. And at the same time it is super fun too!

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  1. Angry birds

This game is everyone’s favourite and not just limited to kids. There may not be anyone who has not ever played or at least heard of Angry birds. The basic aim of the game is to aim the birds (with a catapult) and slingshot them over objects/pigs to kill them. The game has various levels and it gets difficult with each; however, in no time kids become a pro at it.

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  1. Educational

Enough of games, here is some learning apps for kids. The game helps the kids to learn the simple and basic colours, shapes, letters and numbers. The game has a very kid-friendly user interface which doesn’t complicates its usage for the toddlers. There are four ways in which the game can be played, however, all have the same aim: to educate and help the kid to learn before preschool.

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And that was about it! These are some of the best kid games on iPhone which parents can trust upon. From educational to recreational, the list has it all. Happy playing to all the kids!

5 Brilliant Kids Friendly iPhone Games Parents can Trust
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