Top 5 iPhone Horror Games that will give you GooseBumps!

Tired of playing the boring games on your phone? Are you searching for the best iPhone horror games? Then this article is for you. We all love horror movies then why not continue the same spirit to the horror games. Well, you might find some of the horror games too scary to play. But would you dare to give it a try? Then here is a list of top horror games for iPhone.

Best Horror Games for iPhone

  1. Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy’s is one of the most popular and best horror games for iPhone that will make you staggered because of its concept. In the game, you are stuck at Freddy’s house and the first level starts from the bedroom. You have a flashlight and if you switch it on then you will be able to see the monsters in the bed or near the door.

The next level will show you a chair in the corridor and you will have to switch on the lights when the monster is sitting on the chair. What really makes it a great game is the sound effects. You will completely enjoy this game using headphones or earphones.

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  1. Forever Lost

The Forever Lost is the horror cum puzzle game that you will love. It features those scary looking rooms and with dimming lights and the background music in the game is absolutely amazing and adds up to the feel of the game. You will need to solve different puzzles in order to get going with the game.

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  1. Lost Within

Lost Within is a great game in terms of both story and the execution of the graphics. You are a part of the evacuation team who has come alone in an asylum. Your job is to ensure that the asylum is empty as it will be demolished in the next 24 hours. But as you go along, you will find yourself trapped in the asylum and the next thing you are doing is finding your way out from the asylum which is now filled with zombies like creatures.

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  1. Year Walk

Fourth on our list is the game Year Walk which boosts great graphics as you are stuck in the winter season where it is snowing and then you meet a strange women who tells you to go back home and when you are going back you see various things that are enough to scare the crap out of you. It is a well thought out game and the makers have done a commendable job.

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  1. Limbo

Last but not the least on our list is Limbo, which revolves around a kid running in the jungle which is full of scary spiders and ants. The kid, Limbo has lost his sister and is in the jungle to take her back home. The graphics of the game are well done as it is hard to get good graphics when you are running in the dark jungle.
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Hope you will find the list of best iPhone horror games handy. If you did, don’t forget to share this article with your friends on the social networks. Enjoy your scary time!

Top 5 iPhone Horror Games that will give you GooseBumps!
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