Top 5 iPhone 7 New Features, Rumors and Leaks

Are you following all new Apple’s iPhone 7 release date rumors, leaks, expected features or all iPhone 7 updates, news eagerly? Do you know when iPhone 7 is going to release or what could be the price of iPhone 7 in world or iPhone 7 price in India?

If you have followed the trend of iPhone releases, you might have noticed that every year Apple is launching 2 iPhone variants around in the month of September. Similarly this year also it is expected that Apple is going to release iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus or it could be iPhone Pro in 2016. Whatever information we are getting is based on some rumors or leaked iPhone 7 news only from various online sources till iPhone 7 release date.

new iPhone 7 leaks & rumors

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Apple iPhone Releases so far

In this article I will share about 5 iPhone 7 rumored features or iPhone 7 expected features in 2016. Before that you can find out the releases by Apple so far in their iPhone brand.

2007 – iPhone
2008 – iPhone 3G
2009 – iPhone 3GS
2010 – iPhone 4 (new design)
2011 – iPhone 4s
2012 – iPhone 5 (new design)
2013 – iPhone 5s
2014 – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (new design)
2015 – iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus
2016 – iPhone 7 or iPhone 7s or iPhone Pro (expected)

Top 5 iPhone 7 specifications, expectations as per iPhone 7 leaks & rumors

Although I have followed many sources to gather various speculations & leaks about iPhone 7, but I would like share the below information referring from

  • Although iPhone 6s series is quite thinner but the expectation is higher when it comes to design a more slick & thinner iPhone 7. As per iPhone 7 rumors the expected thickness of new iPhone 7  will be between 6.0mm and 6.5mm.
  • As the iPhone 7 is expected as more thinner iPhone, so it is expected that the headphone jack may be removed and Apple will provide something like lightning connector or wifi way.
  • It is expected that iPhone 7 may have a single camera and iPhone 7 plus can have a powerful Dual-lens camera to make the purchase more worthy.
  • Smart connector is a new technology with which one can connect a smart keyboard with any device. This feature is already launched in Apple iPad series and now expecting to be in for iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Wireless charging has become one of the most expected feature in any smartphone devices as it is always difficult to charge a device when the earphone jack in inserted. Apple iPhone 7 is expected to have this wireless charger technology in 2016 iPhone release.

So, what is your expectation from iPhone 7? Keep a track of all upcoming iPhone 7 release date in 2016, rumors, leaks, iPhone 7 price details and latest iPhone 7 news at one place here only.

Top 5 iPhone 7 New Features, Rumors and Leaks
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