Top 5 Free iPhone Launchers for Android

Looking for the best iphone launcher for android free download from Google play store? But how to decide which one to go for? iPhones have always been one of the most desired gadget on this planet. But to be honest, the special thing about an iPhone is the iOS 9 software which is pretty snappy and offers a lot of gorgeous looks. Now, you can also get them in your Android Device as we bring our top 5 iPhone Launchers for Android for you.

Best iPhone Launcher for Android

  1. One launcher

If you are looking to transform your boring android device into something very interesting then you should definitely go for the One Launcher. This is one of the most realistic themes for android devices that will make your phone look like an iOS operating device.

Just after you install this launcher, it will ask you to “Experience” things and when you tap on it, it will welcome you to a neat and tidy looking iOS 9 like home screen. However, the icons are not that identical to the iOS 9 but still it is pretty good. When we talk about features, the One Launcher doesn’t only let you have features like Spotlight search but also lets you select gestures to open applications on the go.

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  1. iLauncher OS 9

There are a lot of launchers available for the iPhone like experience. However, in real world they fail miserably as they can depict the same sort of thing but they affect the device’s performance in a big way. But, iLauncher OS 9 is one of the lightest launchers that you can find in the market. iLauncher OS 9 doesn’t offer a lot of customisation options, but it does offer a smooth interface for you to handle your tasks with ease.

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  1. Control Panel Smart Toggle

If you are looking for the same Control Center to work on your android device, then this is the one to go to. You can have the same control center functionality in your device, working from the flashlight to your volume controls and even brightness levels. You can even get your battery level as well as RAM level in the control center.

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  1. Flui Icon Pack

You might think that it is not an iOS launcher then why is it here? Well, as the name suggests, it is an icon pack for your android phone. It supports a lot of launchers like ADW, Aviate, Nova and much more so it will not be any problem for you to customize your device even if you are using any launcher.

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  1. Theme for iPhone Launcher Fake

The name of this launcher sounds very creepy, but what’s in the name? In this launcher, you will be able to transform your regular android device into an iOS like device and if this doesn’t excites you, then its gorgeous lock screen and pass code entering style is also very much like the iOS 9.

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So these are the best free iphone launcher for android phones currently available in the market. Download them in your smartphone or tablet and enjoy the attractive features. Please feel free to share this article with your friends and family who might want to give their android phone a stunning iPhone like look.

Top 5 Free iPhone Launchers for Android
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