Top 5 Fitness Apps for iPhone

Best Fitness apps for iPhone: Today’s world is all about health and fitness. And being into the era of trending technology, it is the right time to unveil the different applications that will help you with exercising. In this article we have listed 5 such best exercise apps for iPhone.

Best iPhone Exercise Apps

Nike+ Training Club

Nike has been in the fitness sector since years now and who knows better about what kind of app a fitness geek would love more than Nike. The application is one of the best fitness apps for iPhone. You will see 30 to 45 minutes workout plans which varies according to the goals you have set in the application as well as the fitness level. If you are worried about the demonstration, then don’t worry as the application can also show you how to do the certain exercise through it s application.

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NexTrack: Exercise and Weight Loss Tracker

If you are not motivated enough to exercise then this application can be a savior for you as the application awards you with points as soon as you finish a task or accomplish a goal. These points can be redeemed into coupons and discount codes. This is one of the best free workout apps for iPhone. Another great thing about the NexTrack application is that it records your every move, be it running or walking or even vacuuming, Next Track will record all the data.

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Argus is one of those best iPhone exercise apps which something next level stuff. It doesn’t just tell you things like all the other applications but also lets you know about the food that you are eating and how healthy it is for your health. You can scan the barcode of the food that you are buying and it will tell you it’s nutrition value and will also let you know if it fits in your current diet plan or not.

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Carrot Fit

Carrot Fit is the application which follows strict workout plans and with its help you can perform more exercises in just 7 minutes. It has its funny way of motivating you and it even threatens you to work out or you will start looking like a potato. The application will guide you to a 7 minute workout plan which consists of 30 seconds of each exercise and you will be doing 12 exercises in these 7 minutes which is insane. However, this strict plan doesn’t come free as it is priced at $3 on the Apple Store.

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Think of it as a social networking application for fitness freaks along with fitness exercise planner. Fitocracy will record your workouts like walking, eating, running and much more and uploads the data to its servers. It is a great application as you can upload your data in front of the world and get reactions and even suggestions from the trainers that are there on Fitocracy.

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Hope you will find the list of best fitness apps for iPhone useful. If you did, please feel free to share this article with your friends. Time to break some sweat now!

Top 5 Fitness Apps for iPhone
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