Top 5 Apps for Video Editing on iPhone for Professional Video Edit

Do you love editing your videos? Then you might need some of the best apps for video editing on iPhone. iPhones have always been known about their cameras more than their multitasking capabilities. And Apple just made it better by introducing a 12 MP camera with the support of 4K video recording in the iPhone 6S.

Great video shooting capabilities also need great software to edit the video with. That is the reason, we are looking at the top 5 apps for editing your videos on iPhone.

Best Professional video editing apps on iPhone

  1. iMovie

Well, Apple didn’t only introduce the 4K video but it also has introduced the world with their iMovie application which is suitable for editing your videos in a very simple and smart way. Not only you can edit your already shot videos but also make cool videos using your favorite pictures.

iMovie lets you make your own video in 1080p resolution as well as 4K ultra HD resolution as well. The application comes pre-installed with many sound clips that you can use in a very fun way and you can even add on text in the video.

Download: Pre-installed

  1. VivaVideo

To be honest, the built in applications are always working, but to some extent. And that is when other applications come into play. VivaVideo offers a great way to edit our videos and with that it even allows us to shoot the videos through the application. This video editing app for iPhone offers special effects which is quite impressive. It lets you shoot the video in full HD as well as 4K resolution along with its custom effects over the top.

Download: Free (Check it Out)

  1. Video Trim & Cut

Video Trim & Cut is one of the most useful applications that you could ever get your hands on. This is one of the best free video editing app for iPhone. As the name suggests, it lets you cut or trim the already recorded video and oh boy, how easy to get it done through this application. It features one of the easiest UI we have ever seen and the best part is that it’s absolutely free.

Download: Free (Check it Out

  1. Magisto

Magisto is one of the most famous and best iPhone video editing apps free on the Apple Store. Magisto omits the headache of editing the video as you just have to perform 3 simple steps in order to get a great looking video. When you open the application, you will have to select the video that you would want to edit. The next step will require you to select the sound track and then all you have to do is upload the video to their server where it will automatically be edited into a professional looking masterpiece.

Download: (Check it Out

  1. Splice

This is another good video editing app for iPhone. If you think that all the video editing applications that we have listed above are a bit too much to understand then you must get your hands on Splice. This is a really easy video editing apps for iPhone. Splice offers minimal design along with full functionality to make your videos polished and great so that you can flaunt it in front of your friends.

Download: Free (Check it Out

So these are the some of the best free apps for video editing on iPhone for professional video editing. Hope you will find the list useful. So which one is your favourite?

Top 5 Apps for Video Editing on iPhone for Professional Video Edit
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