Top 5 Apps for Jailbroken iPhone to Improve Performance

If you want to speed up your iPhone then, here are some jailbreak tweaks to improve performance. Apple recently announced the iOS 10 for their iPhone with a lot of changes. They have also opened up many applications for the developers to improve them even more. Well, nothing else increases productivity of an iPhone more than jail breaking it.

If you have jail broken your iPhone, then these are the must have 5 apps for jailbroken iPhone to make it do even better than the rest. They allow you to take control of your iPhone and offcourse is fun.

Best Apps for Jailbroken iPhone

  1. ReachApp

As the name suggests, the ReachApp lets you open your applications in a more easy way. Well, how easy? What if we told you that you can work on two apps simultaneously using a split screen feature just like we have in iPad Pro. ReachApp lets you open two applications using the Split Screen functionality on your iPhone which means that you can not only watch your favorite video, but also text your best friend at the same time.


  1. Auxo 3

Auxo 3 is the application to go to if you are tired of the boring looking app drawer. Auxo 3 is the perfect replacement for your boring iPhone as it integrates the control center of the iPhone into your recent apps screen. The control center cannot be opened till the half screen in this case, but Auxo 3 makes it look great as all the buttons are still there even after reducing the size of the Control Center. However, this amazing application is not for free as you will have to pay $2.99 to get your hands on it.

Paid: $2.99

  1. iCaughtU PRO

Speaking of the paid applications, the iCaughtU PRO is definitely a go to app as it prevents someone from switching off your iPhone and comes in handy if your iPhone gets stolen. The first thing that a thief does is to switch off the device to disable Find My iPhone. In this case, iCaughtU PRO not only prevents him from switching off the device but also clicks a picture using the front camera and directly sends the picture along with the location to the registered email address.

Paid: $2.50

  1. BioLockdown

The fingerprint scanner was launched in the iPhone 5S for the first time and to be honest, its use is very restricted. BioLockdown lets you to lock your applications so that no one is ever able to open any application or private data with your finger. Yes, it lets you bypass the app lock via the fingerprint scanner of the device.

Paid: $2.99

  1. UntetheredHeySiri

As we know, Siri can only be activated by holding the Home button of the iPhone but the UntetheredHeySiri lets you wake Siri by saying “Hey Siri” and there you go, Siri is at your service.


Jailbreaking is still useful for those who love to tweak and customize their iDevice. If you are a person who like everything a certain way, then these are the best apps for jailbreaken iPhone. Feel free to share this article with your iPhone lover friends.

Top 5 Apps for Jailbroken iPhone to Improve Performance
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